What is alert 8066?


A remote system has requested too many recipients for this email message so GMS has rejected this additional recipient. This helps to

  • prevent your system being "probed" by people who want to discover what your email accounts are called;
  • stop spammers from delivering too many messages in one batch;
  • prevent tar-pitting where a remote server connects to GMS in order to hold a connection open simply to prevent you getting email; and
  • prevent clients, customers or users CCing or BCCing too many accounts with each email message.

The Internet Standard RFCs recommend that up to 100 recipients be allowed for each email address. In practice a value of five to 10 is usually sufficent.

In this case session Undefined was processing a connection from the server/client at Undefined processing a message apparently from Undefined when it received the command


so GMS responded with


. To date Undefined RCPT commands have been issued and the maximum number allowed is Undefined.

If you wish to allow more recipients, the maximum number of receipts can be increased.

If a remote server or client is issuing the RCPTs, it is recommended that you contact the owner of the system and investigate why they need to copy the message to so many people at once.

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