What is alert 8039?


GMS Anti-Spam filtering has identified a restricted word or phrase in the email message and has either permanently or temporarily rejected the email message. Filtering is part of the anti-spam component of GMS. GMS will analyse different parts of the message depending upon the current mode, for example, only the header may be checked, the header and body, a given number of lines, etc. GMS saves resources by carrying out this check once per email message (and not for each recipient of the email message).

In this case, session Undefined was receiving a message from Undefined apparently from Undefined. The message was rejected with


because the word or phrase "Undefined" was found in the message.

If this message should have been delivered, modify the word(s) that have been chosen for the filter. The words are stored in the restricted word file, the mode in the domain variable "RestrictedWordMode" and the message returned when a word is matched is in the domain variable "RestrictedWordFileMes".

This message was sent from IP address Undefined which is not included in the list of IP addresses that should bypass the restricted word check set in the domain variable " BypassWordCheckIP".

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