What is alert 8026?


A remote server or client is attempting to send an email message to another remote system via your server, but the address of that remote system does not resolve. Since the message will never be delivered, the GMS Anti-Spam has rejected the message now. By rejecting the message at the RCPT clause, GMS is saving considerable network bandwidth because the message body has not been sent over the network.

In this case, session Undefined was receiving a message from the server at Undefined apparently from Undefined to Undefined. The anti-spam checking in GMS rejected the email with


There are several different actions to take depending on why this problem occurred:

  • If the domain identified is your domain, this means that you have set up your own DNS incorrectly. As a result most other organizations on the Internet will be unable to send you email. To resolve this, contact the person who controls your DNS and ask them to set up the MX records correctly.
  • If a user is sending an email message using their mail client (e.g. Outlook, Eudora, etc.) then they will need to check and correct the email address before the message can be sent.
  • If a remote server is sending you this message you should contact the administrator of the server (e.g. the administrator running Undefined) and tell them that their software is not running correctly. In this case, their could be either a genuine mistake or the remote server is using your system to relay email on their behalf.

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