What is Active X?


ActiveX controls are among the many types of components that use COM technologies to provide interoperability with other types of COM components and services. ActiveX controls are the third version of OLE controls (OCX), providing a number of enhancements specifically designed to facilitate distribution of components over high-latency networks and to provide integration of controls into Web browsers.

ActiveX controls are machine code packages which ?plug-in? to the browser to give the browser (and any web pages) extra functionality. In order for the extra facilities to be available, the code must be downloaded and installed on each machine. For example, ActiveX controls can allow web pages to access the hard disk, display, etc..

From a security stand point, ActiveX allows users to unwittingly install programs on their computers which can have access to the full resources of that machine. There is no protection between the ActiveX control and the operating system as there is for Java and JavaScript. (It is not possible for a Java applet to have access to a user’s hard disk).

Security conscious companies will usually filter out all ActiveX controls to prevent accidental security breaches.

No Gordano software uses or requires ActiveX controls. All the functionality provided by our software is done through clever use of HTML, Java and JavaScript.

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