What is a transitory address?

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A transitory address is a temporary email address that expires on the specified date. Once expired, emails sent to or from this transitory address will no longer be delivered.
Owners of expired transitory addresses may un-expire them if they want to use them again.

The transitory address is a unique name of 8 characters and numbers in length and is created automatically by GMS Webmail.

Administrators may allow or deny users the ability to create transitory addresses by setting the May add transitory address checkbox on the Profile>Privileges>General tab.

Given this right, users can then create, edit, expire, and remove transitory addresses in GMS Webmail from
Account settings>Transitory Addresses

When a transitory address is created a personality is also created. This personality can then be selected when the user composes a message. The user can make this their default personality.

When a transitory address is removed its personality is also removed. If this is the default personality then the default will then become the logon personality.

Note:In the Administrator’s GUI, transitory addresses will appear as an alias in the Administration>Mail>Users, Aliases tab.

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