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When you create an autoresponder in GMS, a template file is created on the server located in the users directory. When a message is sent to the "autoresponder enabled account", the server will scan the file looking for any data that it should append to the automated message that is to be returned to the sender.


User1 has an autoresponder enabled as he is on holiday.
User2 is un-aware that User1 is on vacation so she continues to send him an e-mail.
By default, User2 would receive an autoresponder similar to this…

From: null@company.dom
To:   User2@company.dom
Subject:   Holiday Message

[The message body is blank by default]

GMS allows for the personal customisation of the autoresponder to be a simple process. Here is a more informative autoresponder that could be configured…

From: User1@company.dom
To:   User2@company.dom
Subject: I am currently on holiday leave!

Please contact the IT help-desk directly should you require immediate assistance
Thank you

Please see the Gordano Reference Guide for more information on the additional fields that can be used in the autoresponder.

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