What is a postfix?


I see occasional references to a "postfix", what is this, and what do I do with it?


A "postfix" is specified when setting up a virtual domain. As the mailboxes for users in a virtual domain are stored in the same location as for users in the full domain (base domain) a method of differentiating between the users is required.

The postfix is used to do this. Take as an example 2 domains, a full domain called domain.com and a virtual domain called virtual.com set up with a postfix of virtual. If you have a user in both domains called username then there has to be some method of differentiating between their mailboxes.

The user in the full domain would have a user directory called "username" and the user in the virtual domain would have a user directory called "username.virtual".

Other than this the operation of full and virtual domains is transparent to the end user.

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