What is a hacker?

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A hacker is a person who attempts to gain unauthorized access to a server. These attempts on the server may come in a variety of forms including dictionary attacks where an individual attempts to gain access to a server or user account by first trying all words to find an account then uses all words again to guess the password. Once done, they may be able to use the server as a spam relay.

Another attempt to gain access may take place through searching for buffer overflows which would give the hacker an opportunity to take control of the server itself. Buffer overflows are due to a failure to correctly bounds check information sent to the server, resulting in a location designed to only accept a certain amount of information accepting more than it can resulting in an overflow. This frequently leaves a server in a vulnerable state.

GMS incorporates bounds checking at all points and so is protected from any potential buffer overflow. GMS also provides protection from any potential dictionary attacks by incrementally introducing a delay every time an attempt is made to log onto a user account with the wrong information.

Hacking is illegal in many countries and can carry stiff penalties.

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