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“Groups” is the name of a feature that allows you to collect accounts (or users) into specific functions. For example, you may have a group of all support people or all sales people.

When an email is sent to the group’s name, the message is automatically forwarded to each account in the group. There are security options allowing you to decide whether anyone, those with a password or no-one may post to the group. Full details of who may post to a group are given in Knowledge Base Entry 361. These groups are typically used to promote discussion on topics salient to a given section of a company.

Any account with a mailbox or forward can be a member of one or more groups. There is no limit on the number of groups that may be defined.

Two special “dynamic” groups also exist. The special group “everyone” contains every email account in a given domain. The special group “allusers” contains every email account on your system. These special groups are typically used to send messages to all users about future events (e.g. planned network downtime, etc.)

For example, if you had GMS with two domains, “domain1.com” and “domain2.com” set up, the group “everyone@domain1.com” would automatically include every account in the domain “domain1.com”. If you email “allusers@domain1.com” OR “allusers@domain2.com”, then the message will be forwarded to all accounts in both domains.

NOTE: There is no connection between Groups and User Profiles.

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