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What integration options does GMS provide?


Gordano is aware that most organisations that have been in existence for even a short time have already gathered a number of disparate systems that they may want to interface to their messaging system, each in a different way.

For the administrator there are many tools available to them to alter and extend the facilities provided by the product. These include Mail Meta Language (MML) our own proprietary scripting language specifically designed for manipulation of email messages. MML is so flexible it was used to produce the GMS administration interface.

All GMS systems can be managed using a variety of external applications including Allaire’s Cold Fusion Tags, Microsoft’s COM (and ASP), LDAP connectors, ODBC connectors, Command Line Tools, etc. This makes integration of our products into your systems a breeze.

For those with large databases containing customer information that can be leveraged by the messaging system Gordano’s GMS Communication Server module provides additional integration options. For instance, it can talk to any ODBC compliant database and use the information in that to run marketing campaigns. MML can be combined with the information from the database to allow for messages sent to these customers to be individually personalised.

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