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What information does Gordano get from the display of tips


Tips are the information displayed in the administration interface. They generally give information about current and new features within Gordano’s products.


The Tips are controled from Gordano’s tip server. This server will issue a tip to each server that requests one in the form of a GIF. The server will remember the details of the browser which requested the GIF so that if the user click on it, the user can be directed to the correct information.

The following is a typical line from the log of the tip server showing exactly the information received (split over two lines for display).

00:01:23.828 121661 HIT faq240 NY1111
6.03.0009 0406120444 en-us 108 31 172ms 299 296

Reading from the left hand side of the log it displays in order:

  • The time of the entry
    This is the time that the tip was servered by the Tip Server.
  • A unique log id
    This id is used to identify connections throughout the process of deliverying a tip.
  • The type of connection
    In this case “HIT” means sent a GIF to the user. Another is “CLICK” which indicates that the user clicked on the GIF and a URL is required to provide more information as mentioned in the Tip.
  • The IP address of the client
  • The tip id
    This is the ID of the tip sent or clicked on.
  • The licence number of the software being run
  • The version of the software
    The Version number is required so that if the URL changes in the future, we know which format the URL is in and can generate the right response.
  • A unique id
    This ID is generated by GMS and used by the Tip server to match the display of TIP with the user selecting the TIP. It is random number.
  • The language the user has set
    The language allows us to make sure we don’t send tips written in FRENCH to Japanese people.

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