What does the GMS Proxy service do?

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GMS includes a proxy service, what is this and what does it do?


The proxy service is provided to allow multiple workstations to be able to browse the Internet over a single connection. It provides proxying of HTTP and FTP traffic only.

Computers on the network connect to the GMS server, which downloads the page and passes it back to the browser on the PC

When coupled with GMS Anti-Virus and GMS Anti-Spam content is scanned for viruses and banned content.

There are two main situations where this would be used.

  1. A small office is connected to the Internet over a single dialup connection but all of the users within the Office require to have access to the browse the Internet.
  2. You do not wish to give all your users direct access to the Internet for security reasons.

By default the proxy service runs on port 8080, all users would have to configure their browsers to use your GMS server as a proxy server.

In both cases all useage of the Internet is logged by GMS in its standard log files.

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