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What does gethostbyname mean?


When GMS Mail, GMS Webmail and GMS Communication Server send email, they first check the local machine’s own fully qualified host name from the TCP-IP information which is obtained from the operating system (OS). GMS then performs a DNS lookup on itself, so that it can remove itself from any results that are returned from MX records for destination domains. The purpose of this is to prevent GMS from
sending mail back to itself.

If GMS cannot perform a lookup on the information set in the OS, you will see “Gethostbyname” errors in the POST log.

To fix this you need to do the following:

If you are running Windows NT, you need to go to the Control
Panel->Network applet, then select the TCP-IP properties and go to the DNS tab. From here, you can enter a correct domain name.

If you are running Windows 2000, you need to right click on “My Computer”, then select properties. You should be able to enter your domain name from here.

If you server is part of a workgroup, you will need to right-click on the my computer icon, then select
->network identification
->Primary DNS suffix of this computer.
From here, you can enter a valid domain name.

If you are running a flavour of Unix you will need to make sure that the hostname and domainname of the machine in question is set correctly. You can normally do this by running the respective commands of the same name from a command prompt. If not then you may need to edit the hosts file of the machine in order that it contains the correct information.

You should also ensure that yoru DNS setup contains the same hostname and domainname information.

No matter which OS you are running, you will likely need to reboot your server, for any changes to take effect.

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