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What does GetHostByAddress mean?


I’m getting lots of lines like this in my SMTP log. What does it mean? Will this time out?

SMTP 21 Aug 2000 00:21:12 F 3215 131 GetHostByAddress [] (-1)
SMTP 21 Aug 2000 00:22:19 F 3215 132 GetHostByAddress [] (-1)


GetHostByAddress is a function which will convert an IP address into its domain name. Some options in Gordano Products will use this to authenticate the remote mail server.

In this case, there is no reverse lookup available for this IP so the lookup is failing.

This does not affect the functioning of GMS but you may want to contact the administrator of the remote system and inform them that they have not set reverse lookups for their mail server. This may cause some systems to reject mail from them.

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