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What changes within GMS do I need to make to be able to archive with Jatheon?

Using a simple script provided by Gordano, it is possible to transparently send a copy of all mail that passes through GMS on to a third party archiving appliance.

Please note that the following instructions require the GMS Anti-spam module to be installed and activated on your GMS server. If you are unsure whether you have already purchased this product, access your admin interface and click the “Licensing” node. Alternatively, you can contact the Gordano sales department.

  • Login to the GMS web interface with administrator access.
  • Expand the Anti Spam node located approximately half way down on the left of the JavaScript applet.
  • Select “Scripts” then add a new script. The Protocol Stage should be set as End Of Message.
    The Script Name can be of your preference.
  • Now paste the following script into the MML Script textbox. Make the necessary modification to the e-mail address before clicking “Add”.
    The e-mail address should reflect where #GMS# will send an invisible copy of all inbound and outbound e-mail that passes through the server.
  • Please refer to the Jatheon user manual for further guidance.

    if (email\X-DetectLoop != 1)
         action = 0;
         msg = MsgCopy(email);
         if (msg)
           MsgAddHeader(msg, "X-DetectLoop", 1);
           msg\recipient = "journalmaster@mycompanyserver.dom";
           MsgClose(msg, MSG_SEND);

    If you are unsure if the Jatheon archiving appliance is now correctly receiving a silent copy of all messages from GMS, either consult your own GMS POST (PT) log or contact Gordano Support if you have a valid support contract.
    Alternatively, login to the Jatheon web interface and monitor whether it has received or is currently processing any messages.

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