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What changes are required when installing Windows XP service pack 2?


GMS is running on the Windows XP platform and I would like to update the OS to service pack 2. Will this cause any problems with the GMS installation?


The only problems we have encountered relate to the fact that with this Service Pack (SP) release Microsoft have seen fit to enable the built in firewall by default, whether or not it was previously enabled. Once the firewall is enabled it blocks all incoming connections to the server.

This means that if you wish to keep the firewall running you will need to configure specific rules for each of the GMS services (ports 25 SMTP, 110 POP3, 143 IMAP4, 8000 Admin, 9000 WebMail, etc…).

Alternatively, and especially if you have an alternative firewall, you may simply wish to disable the Microsoft firewall entirely.

This is controlled using the Security Centre option within the Windows XP Control Panel.

If you experience problems logging on to any of the GMS web interfaces after sucessfully configuring the firewall you may also need to look at the security settings in your web browser.

We would recommend that you add the IP address or URL of the GMS server to the "Trusted Sites" section in the security settings of Internet Explorer, and then set to a very low security level.

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