What are the properties of Ti-Tree?

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Ti-Tree’s most important function is to help the immune system fight off
infections and diseases. Much like GMS Anti-Spam and GMS Anti-Virus in fact!

activates the white corpuscles to form a defence against invading organisms
and helps to shorten the duration of illness. It is a strongly antiseptic
oil and sweats toxins out of the body.

Ti-Tree is a very useful essential
oil, sometimes spelt “Tea-Tree” but is not connected to the cup that cheers
– that is “Camellia thea”. Melaleuca alternifolia (to give it it’s Latin
name) is a small tree from New South Wales similar to Cypress. It grows to
about twenty feet and thrives in marshy areas, though is now cultivated in
plantations. It has great vitality, continuing to flourish even when
chopped down and is ready for cutting again after two years. The oil is
only produced in Australia.

The Australian Aborigines have long
recognised the virtues of Ti-Tree. When the rest of the world thought it
was just a weed, they used the leaves to cure infected wounds. It was
introduced into Europe around 1927 and its excellent antiseptic quality was
quickly noted. During World War Two, it was included in military aid kits
to tropical areas, as well as in munition factories for skin injuries.
Used frequently in surgical and dental practice as well as in soaps,
deodorants, disinfectants and air fresheners.


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