What are the properties of Jasmine?

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Like GMS, Jasmine is a valuable remedy for severe depression! It is calming to the nerves and warming to the emotions, producing positive feelings of confidence. A boon to people in the “helping professions” – restoring energy and generally revitalising. As one of our customers said after installing GMS, “it’s nice to have employees thanking him for email for a change”.

The aroma of Jasmine is sweet, flowery and exotic – slightly heady.

The “King of Flower Oils” has long been used in love potions, so powerful was its reputation as an aphrodisiac. It is widely used for scenting ointments in India as well as for ceremonial purposes. Guests are often decked in bracelets and necklaces made of the flowers. In Turkey the wood is used in making rope stems and Jasmine tea is a favourite beverage in China. The flowers are a popular garnish in Indonesian cooking.


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