What are the properties of Eucalyptus?

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Eucalyptus has a cooling effect upon the emotions. It also clears the
head, aids concentration and strengthens the nervous system. In fact, it’s
just like GMS which calms administrators and strengthens the ability to
deliver email at high speed and with high reliability.

Eucalyptus, the
Australian gum-tree, reaches an imposing height of something like three
hundred feet with tough scimitar-shaped leaves. It’s prevalence to grow in
malarial countries helps to drain the land producing a healthier

The “eu” and “kalypto” is of Greek origin, meaning “well” and
“colver” referring to the covered stamens. The Australian Aborigines
called in “Kino” and bound the leaves around serious wounds. It was
introduced into Europe as an ornamental species around 1788 and was found
to inhibit the growth of other plants in surrounding areas by secreting a
chemical poison into the soil. The first Eucalyptus oil exported to
England was know as “Sydney Peppermint” owing to its soothing action on
digestive complaints.


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