What are the main benefits of upgrading to WorkgroupMail v8?

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  • WorkgroupMail v8 now uses a database to store data. The supported databases are Jet and Microsoft SQL Server. When a Microsoft SQL Server database is used, all message information is stored in the database. When a Jet database is used the messages are still saved as a message file but the key header information is also stored in the database to give improved message handling and throughput.
  • WorkgroupMail v8 is now supplied with content filtering, an LDAP shared address book and mailing list functionality as standard integrated features.
  • WorkgroupMail v8 includes the advanced WorkgroupMail v7 Enterprise Server features as standard. These include the ability to impose user account restrictions, set user account quotas and to perform account pruning for obsolete accounts.
  • The anti-virus functionality has been improved to incorporate an optional, subscription based, service provided by BitDefender. This service is integrated into the mail server engine, providing a reliable and up to date virus scanning solution that stops inbound and outbound viruses at the mail gateway. This works independently of other anti-virus protection you may have on your mail server computer.
  • WorkgroupMail v8 now has a comprehensive archiving function that archives all sent and received messages. It provides an advanced search facility allowing messages to be located by a keyword search filtered by sender, recipient and/or within a specific date range. Archiving can be set globally or on a per-user basis. Attachments can be included, excluded or included when below a pre-defined size, and again globally or on a per-user basis. Archived messages can be kept indefinitely or they can be archived to message files (or purged) after a pre-determined interval.
  • Content filtering has been improved with new rule functionality, dictionaries, email lists and IP lists. Dictionaries allow content keywords to be organised more easily into specific categories. Email lists and IP lists allow message processing to be more address and location specific so that, for example, messages from a certain sender, group of senders or mail server can be redirected to the appropriate recipient.
  • Significant improvements have been made to the IMAP server functionality and performance.
  • WebMail has now been replaced by the Softalk Organizer product. This is a free product for licensed WorkgroupMail users that provides web-based mail client functionality with rich text formatting of messages. By upgrading WorkgroupMail v8 to the Softalk Collaboration Suite, the Softalk Organizer functionality can be expanded to allow sharing of Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks and Mail folders with other Softalk Organizer users and with Microsoft Outlook.
  • WorkgroupMail v8 now supports SSL encrypted client connections

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