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The Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS) provides robust, cross platform and secure email, instant and SMS messaging for small, medium and large businesses. Functionality includes: calendaring (personal and shared), instant messaging, seamless anti-virus (detection and cleaning), anti-spam (system and personal), archiving, LDAP services, SSL support, etc.


Product Overview

GMS Mail is a well-established, powerful SMTP/POP/IMAP mail server that forms the core technology for Gordano’s integrated messaging suite. Characterised by ease of installation and low maintenance overheads, GMS Mail provides backbone mail services for a wide range of global customers across many sectors.

GMS Collaboration Server provides a fully functional cross-platform alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Utilising a MAPI connector, full integration of Microsoft Outlook into the Gordano Messaging environment is provided, including the sharing of folders, calendars, contacts, notes, journals, address books (personal and global) and tasks. In addition GMS Collaboration also provides multiple client access; calendars and tasks can be viewed and managed from a variety of clients, including Apple iCal, Mozilla Calendar, KDE Kontact, Bloomba and GMS Webmail.

GMS Webmail is a flexible webmail client that offers a number of interface options, specific to bandwidth and access availability. GMS Webmail is fully featured and offers a familiar and intuitive interface similar to a traditional POP client. Shared calendaring is available, with good interoperability with Outlook calendars, in conjunction with GMS Collaboration Server.

GMS Web Organizer provides access and sharing capabilities to Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Tasks from within a rich HTTP client interface. Users now have a direct choice of collaboration clients, provided by both GMS and MS Outlook and can alternate between clients at will. No matter which access methods are selected users will obtain identical views on their information store.
In common with Gordano’s GMS Webmail interface, GMS Web Organizer is presented within a clean desktop client-like interface, meaning that end users can switch between Microsoft and Gordano clients without any re-training requirements. The open nature of Gordano’s protocols means that further iCal aware clients such as Mozilla Calendar and Apple iCal may also be used to access calendars and tasks.

GMS Anti-Virus and GMS Anti-Spam provide integrated virus and spam protection via bi-directional scanning and disinfection. GMS Anti-Spam Update Service has further augmented the AS capabilities, providing dynamic updates for Bayesian, Restricted word and Scored Restricted word filters. GMS Webmail also benefits from a raft of user-configurable anti-spam options.

GMS Instant Messenger builds on Gordano’s integrative philosophy and offers excellent presence and contact options via either Windows or java based clients. The new Windows GMS Instant Messenger client can be integrated into Outlook or used stand alone. SSL encryption is provided for all server traffic. Both clients allow users to specify preferred contact methods when offline such as SMS, email or Pager, all of which can be initiated from the IM client itself. Transcripts of IM sessions (including cross-client) can be content checked, archived and retrieved in the same way as email and SMS messages to assist with regulatory compliance.

GMS Mobile Gateway allows 2-way SMS correspondence between mobile devices and the GMS mail server. Integration with the GMS Instant Messenger Windows client allows SMS messages to be sent and received using Outlook. GMS Webmail benefits from similar integration, and includes the option to key SMS alerts to calendar entries and filter actions. Other applications could include server-side SMS alerts to administrative staff, or SMS mail-outs via GMS Communication Server. Licensing for GMS Mobile Gateway is free and GUI support is included for a selection of SMS brokers.

GMS Communication Server is a fully featured CRM tool set and provides 3 primary services: Newsletter distribution, Targeted Custom mail-outs and Discussion Lists. Offering excellent scalability, GMS Communication Server licensing can cater for multiple lists, with up to 1 million members per list. In addition, GMS Communication Server enables highly targeted, customised email postings to multiple recipient groups.

GMS Archive & Recovery provides on/off-site archiving for all incoming/outgoing email traffic. Stored messages can be searched and retrieved via a number of parameters, including: title, attachment type, size etc. Email archiving has particular application for organisations that need to comply with regulatory obligations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.


Gordano offer comprehensive ongoing upgrades and Support mechanisms.

GMS Maintenance

The initial licensing includes an Annual Upgrade license that allows access to new releases, for 1-year. Following the first year of usage the license is renewable at a fractional cost of the products owned at that time. Annual Support contracts are priced in a similar manner.

Technical Support

Gordano offer highly trained UK located support engineers, available via telephone between 0900 and 2200 (BST/GMT). Engineers can also be contacted by email. Services include:

  • Off-site backup storage to assist with system recovery
  • Call back service
  • Personalized non-scripted diagnosis and implementation advice

Three Telephone/Email Support options are available: 8 x 5 (Mon-Fri x 0900-1700) in both UK and Eastern times zones, 13×5 (Mon-Fri x 0900-2200 UK time) and 24 x 7.


GMS is compatible with Windows (NT, XP, 2000, 2003), Linux (Redhat, SuSe, Mandrake, Debian, etc), Solaris and AIX. Windows 64bit compatibility is also available from build 3396.


Gordano can supply a (free of charge) migration utility to enable the move from existing installations – this is called GMS Auto Port. GMS Auto Port allows the transfer of user accounts from one Internet Messaging platform (source server) to another (GMS destination server). The transfer process will work with any Internet Standards compliant messaging server and eliminates the need to have an extended period where access to the email is barred. The process is also transparent to the individual end-users.

On-site training for GMS

Experience has shown that the ease of installation and ongoing administration of GMS negates the need for on-site assistance and training in the vast majority of cases. The standard Gordano Support contract is more than adequate to address any queries you may have. However, Gordano does have extensive experience in providing on-site, domestic and overseas training; and if it is felt that this type of service is required then a bespoke quote can be provided.

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