What are the benefits of integration in GMS?

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Each of the services provided by GMS are tightly integrated with each other. For instance, a user can use IMAP based email while in the office yet while out on the road that same user can use GMS Webmail and see the identical mailbox structure and contents they would see with IMAP.

A Calendar entry can send an SMS message or Instant Message to warn a user of an important appointment, and so on.

An integrated Anti-Spam system enables GMS to handle vast numbers of emails without requiring further system resources. The integration of the Anti-Spam mechanism has also made it possible for personal filters to be setup on user and system levels.

GMS Anti-Virus integration provides a high level of protection from viruses. Due to its entegration it has a minimal effect on server performance and protects servers from both incoming viruses and from internal users attampting to send viruses out through the server.

Archiving is also integrated into GMS to provide a historical store of all messages passing through the system which provides an automated method of backing up all mail messages often required for policy compliance reasons. These archives can be held in an off site location to provide even greater safety. Archives can be queried remotely and messages matching any given query returned to any given email address.

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