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We use Microsoft Outlook. Can WorkgroupMail be used to share contacts and calendars?


In the past, Outlook folders could be shared in a workgroup using WorkgroupMail and the Netfolders feature in Outlook. However, since the introduction of Outlook 2002, Microsoft discontinued support for Netfolders. The developers of WorkgroupMail have taken the opportunity to develop a new product, WorkgroupShare, that will fulfill this requirement. It can work independently of and alongside WorkgroupMail to provide a more integrated office solution.

WorkgroupShare lets the people in your organization share their Outlook data, such as Calendars, Contacts, Notes, Tasks and Mail folders, without the expense or expertise required for Microsoft Exchange Server. WorkgroupShare provides you with full access control, letting you easily specify which members of staff can access specific data. It is a scalable server that can provide collaboration to thousands of users. Click here to find out more.

Softalk Collaboration Suite includes WorkgroupMail, WorkgroupShare and Softalk Organizer, a web based client. Softalk Organizer provides webmail functionality for WorkgroupMail v8 and this is included free of charge under a WorkgroupMail v8 licence. Softalk Organizer can be licenced independently to include calendar and contact folders that can be shared between users in the workgroup. By adding WorkgroupShare, to complete the Softalk Collaboration Suite, these calendar, contact and mail folders can be synchronized with Outlook folders and shared to other Outlook users.

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