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Using WebMail, I can login but I cannot send mail.


When sending an email message with WebMail for WorkgroupMail v7, an error message is returned and/or the message is not sent. This can be confirmed by monitoring the Incoming Queue and Outgoing Queue in the WorkgroupMail Administrator.


  • When WebMail sends a message it tries to connect to the WorkgroupMail SMTP server on the localhost loopback address, WorkgroupMail must be running on the same computer as your web server (IIS or PWS). If the WorkgroupMail server program is not running then WebMail will fail to send the message.
  • If you have restricted the interface on which the WorkgroupMail SMTP server will run (in the Interfaces page of the Settings property sheet), then WebMail will fail to make an SMTP connection on and so will fail to send the message. [All Interfaces] should be selected for the SMTP server on the Interfaces page. If in doubt, try running Telnet from a DOS window and type open 25. If you fail to make a conection, then WebMail will not be able to send mail. If you don’t wish to select [All Interfaces] in this page then the only other option is to edit the file Program FilesWorkgroupmailWebMailcompose.asp file and replace all occurrences of with the IP address that you have specified in the Interfaces page in the Settings property sheet.
  • Please ensure that the IIS SMTP service is not running. Click Here for more information.
  • If the Relay Control settings in WorkgroupMail are configured to prohibit the IP address from sending mail then this will also cause WebMail to fail to send external mail. The IP address must be specifically permitted in the Relay Control settings.
  • In WorkgroupMail v7 it is possible to disallow a mail connection from the local host by configuring IP screening to ‘Reject undefined IP addresses by default’ and without actually defining the localhost IP address,, as a trusted host. This would prevent WebMail or a mail client on the WorkgroupMail server from sending any mail. In this case you must enter the address as a trusted host in the Relay Control properties.
  • Check that the file wmapi.dll (located in the WorkgroupMail installation folder) has the same date and time of creation as the other WorkgroupMail executables. If it does not then delete the file and run the WorkgroupMail setup program again. Note, the WorkgroupMail server program, the WorkgroupMail Administrator and IIS must be shut down before running the setup program.
  • Check the permissions on the WorkgroupMail data folder Click here

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