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The message 'Connect to Adaptive Server Anywhere' is displayed when opening OfficeTalk


When opening OfficeTalk the Data Sources configuration window, “Connect to Adaptive Server Anywhere”, is displayed.


OfficeTalk cannot connect to the Adaptive Server Anywhere database.


Close the ODBC “Connect to Adaptive Server Anywhere” dialogue box and then close OfficeTalk.

Open the Data Sources (ODBC) applet in Control Panel (Administrative Tools) and select the system DSN tab.

Check that an OTDB data source exists, and that it is configured to use an Adaptive Server Anywhere 9.0 driver. Select and configure the OTDB data source. On the login page enter a User ID of dba and a password of sql.

Select the ODBC page and click on the Test Connection button. If you see the following MessageBox, “Connection failed: Specified database not found”, click on the Database tab and remove any text in the Database name field.

Select the ODBC tab and click Test Connection once more. If you see the following MessageBox, “Connection failed: Database server not found”, check that the ASA server is running (usually on the OfficeTalk gateway computer). It’s icon will be displayed in the taskbar notification area as a red to yellow gradient SQL text icon on the session that started the service (normally the console session). If this is not running, start the ‘Adaptive Server Anywhere &#45 OfficeTalk’ service from the Services applet in Control Panel (Administrative Tools). If an error occurs please see the FAQ The ‘Adaptive Server Anywhere – OfficeTalk’ service does not start.

Double click on the SQL notification area icon. The title of the window before the ‘-‘ will be the name of the database server. This is usually ‘OTDB’ but if this has changed for any reason, you will need to make sure that the database ‘Server name’ on the Database tab matches this.

Check that the computer running the ASA server does not have a Firewall enabled. If using the default ASA port you will need to open port 2638 (UDP and TCP) on your firewall. If you are using the Windows Firewall, be sure to add %programfiles%OfficeTalk SQL Anywheredbsrv9.exe to the list of program exceptions. This can be done on the server by opening Windows Firewall in control pannel, clicking on the Exceptions tab, clicking on Add Program…, clicking Browse, navigating to %programfiles%OfficeTalk SQL Anywhere and double-clicking on dbsrv9.exe. OK all dialogues and restart the ASA Service.

If OfficeTalk works on the server, but does not work on the client, click on the Network tab, and check that the TCP/IP option is checked.

If this does not work you may need to add a string to specify the exact location of the server rather than for it to rely on the server’s broadcast. Please see the FAQ
How to connect an OfficeTalk client on a different network segment when using an ASA9 database.

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