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For users that prefer to access their e-mail through WebMail rather than Outlook or other popular desktop clients, GMS Web Organizer has been enhanced to offer Collaboration functionally similar to what is offered with GMS Collaboration.
Users can therefore share books including: Address books, Calendars, Notes and Tasks.

Unfortunately the sharing of user mailboxes can only be achieved in conjunction with GMS Collaboration.


GMS Web Organizer will allow you accept shared invitations from others on your system and it will allow you to grant access.

To grant access follow these steps:

  • Login to WebMail and for simplicity, select "Folders" at the bottom left hand corner to give you full folder view.
  • Now expand "Preferences" and then choose the book you wish to share. Notes, in this example.
  • Select the "Access" tab then "Add".
  • This GUI will allow you to grant access to a user on your system and set the appropriate permissions. Use this context sensitive help for further assistance.

Please note:
Presently the granting of sub books/folders can not be done in WebMail. If you wish to grant sub books/folders, you will need to login to the admin interface on port 8000 and access the "Sharing" node beneath "Account".

To subscribe to a folder that a user has given you access to, follow these steps:

  • Again, select "Folders" at the bottom left hand corner.
  • Select the main node of the book/folder you have been given access to. This will be either Address book, Calendar, Notes or Tasks.
  • Click the "Shared" tab, then "Add". You should find the "share" is visible in this GUI for you to add.
  • The share, in the form of the users e-mail address, will now appear as a new node in the JavaScript applet.

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