Running GMS Webmail on the same Server using SMTP

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This option is probably the most complex to set up and relies on your main mail server having the ability to redirect mail to users on non standard ports as it is not possible to have more than one SMTP service using the standard port at the same time. If your main mail server does not support this option then please enable GMS Webmail to collect from POP instead.

From the Incoming > Ports page set the ports for SMTP incoming and outgoing to free ports, for example 1025.
Configure your main server to forward via SMTP all mail for users on the GMS Webmail system to the port on the server that the GMS Webmail SMTP service is listening on. For instance, in GMS Mail you could use the UnknownUserAction to do this, the setting will vary from server to server. If your main mail server does not support redirection of this type then you will need to set up a forward account on it for each user to forward their mail to the GMS Webmail SMTP service on the required port.

Set up accounts for each of the users that you would like to have access to GMS Webmail from the Users > Add page. And finally from the Outgoing > Rules page set a rule to send all outgoing mail to your main server.

Under the Server tab on the left of the GMS Webmail screen users can if they wish, specify multiple pop accounts to collect mail from in addition to the SMTP delivery. These can be on any pop server, a useful method of amalgamating a number of disperse accounts into the one place.

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