Running GMS Webmail on a separate Server using SMTP

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In this example the GMS Webmail server sits on the inside of your network, it is not directly connected to the Internet but rather all mail passes through your main mail server.


This is perhaps the simplest of all situations to set up. Install GMS Webmail on to a server as you would normally. Once installed add accounts for each user that you would like to access mail via GLWebMail from the User > Add page.

Now configure your main server to forward via SMTP all mail for users on the GMS Webmail system to that server. You may need to refer to your mail server’s documentation to find out how to do this.

If your mail server is GMS Mail, you could use the UnknownUserAction to forward email to the GMS Webmail Server. Remember to remove the account from GMS Mail first.

GMS Webmail should be set to post all outgoing mail to your main server. To do this, set a specific rule under Outgoing > Rules.

Under the Server tab on the left of the GMS Webmail screen users can if they wish, specify multiple pop accounts to collect mail from in addition to the SMTP delivery. These can be on any pop server, a useful method of amalgamating a number of disperse accounts into the one place.

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