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Replacement fields are not being replaced in E-mail Templates


Replacement fields in email templates do not work.


Under certain circumstances the bracketed part of the delimiters used in replacement fields for email templates can be confused to be part of the raw RTF data in the document template. This will mean that OfficeTalk will not be able to identify where the delimiters begin and end resulting in non-replacement of one or more replacement fields.


The solution is to change the delimiters to another system of brackets such as [@ and ]. It is possible to change the delimiters used in OfficeTalk version 4.5.1 and above; if you are running a version prior to this, then the upgrading of all computers in the OfficeTalk workgroup will be required.


To change the delimiters:

  • Log-on as a supervisor to any computer in the OfficeTalk workgroup.
  • Go into Contact mode.
  • Select Options >> Preferences from the OfficeTalk menu bar.
  • In the preferences dialogue, click on the Mail Merge tab.
  • In the Replacement Field Prefix textbox enter [@
  • In the Replacement Field Suffix textbox enter ]
  • When prompted, allow OfficeTalk to update your templates.
  • You should check your templates manually for the new prefix and suffix in the delimiters of replacement fields.
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