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Outlook Express stalls collecting certain messages from the POP server. These message have no body, i.e. the headers of he messages are followed immediately by a terminating CRLF.CRLF as in the following example

Received: from [] by mail.domain.dom (NTMail 5.06.0016/NT1111.01.7994b266)
with ESMTP id qolwubaa for user@domain.dom;
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 01:14:44 -0700
From: "Mail User" 
To: user@domain.dom
Subject: Test
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 10:21:48 +0200


While this message is badly formed in that there is no blank line after all the headers the mail client should still be able to cope with it. Outlook Express simply stalls. The solution is to simply insert a blank line between the “Date:” line and the line containing a single dot on is own.

Once this has been done the index file for the mailbox should also be rebuilt.

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