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Key Enhancements to Enterprise Messaging Suite.


Gordano Ltd – an International developer of low cost, web based enterprise messaging products known as the Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS) – reveals five key enhancements and upgrades this month to GMS components with the release of Version 9 of the suite.

State-of-the-art anti-spam and anti-virus features are already inherent within GMS. "Our latest upgrades continue to keep pace with the latest technology and customer needs by making it even easier for GMS users to securely incorporate email, IM and calendaring functions into their daily business needs from anywhere, using any computer device," says Brian Dorricott, Gordano’s Managing Director.

Next week, Gordano will announce details of GMS Instant Messenger Version 2, which will further integrate secure IM into an organization’s messaging and calendaring infrastructure. Among the changes: GMS Instant Messenger Version 2 does not require the use of GMS Webmail to operate; the new version notifies a user of new email; allows a user to initiate IM directly from an email; and allows individual users to customize their presence information.

The company will be releasing GMS WebMail Express, which allows users the same access to folders and other messaging functions from any browser, using the Java-free package. GMS WebMail Express allows users with limited bandwidth the ability to access and manage their email quickly and efficiently.

In addition, upgrades to GMS Web Organizer mean users can create recurring events – meetings or events that happen every week, month or year – to appear automatically on their calendar. The calendar upgrades also include an improved calendar display window, which gives users a choice of day view, week view and month view.

Gordano will also release its LDAP Interface, which allows POP and IMAP client access to server side address books, enabling other messaging clients such as Outlook to populate address books from GMS.

Forward and reverse web proxy capabilities, including SSL and anti-virus scanning on web and ftp downloads, will be available using GMS Proxy.

Gordano’s messaging solutions can be used with many browsers on different platforms. Not having to install mandatory client software dramatically reduces administration costs and makes access possible from almost anywhere. Users can access their e-mail anywhere with an Internet connection, allowing individual management of folders, the ability to deploy filters and anti-spam options, and make use of calendars and other features without the intervention of an administrator. More information can be found at


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