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The Gordano Messaging Suite offers support for a number of web browsers on a variety of platforms. You can check whether your web browser is supported in KB Q0489.
There is also a configuration tweak in GMS that can potentially allow unsupported browsers to perform, operationally, similarly to a supported browser.
More information is available in KB Q1791.

Version 16 of the Messaging Suite extends browser support for both the administration interface and GMS Webmail with the inclusion of Google Chrome and Safari.


Google Chrome is (to all intents & purposes) the same as Safari. In fact, it even reports itself as ‘Safari’ in the browser characteristics. However, it has a rather brute-force popup blocker which has been known to break GMS Webmail.
To use Google Chrome with GMS WebMail users will need to first disable the popup blocker. This will likely disable the pop-up blocker for the entire session.
This can be done globally by invoking Chrome with the command line option: "-disable-popup-blocking"

You would typically do this by editing the path of the desktop browser shortcut link, so;

"C:Documents and Settings$user$Local SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe" -disable-popup-blocking.

It does not seem to be possible to disable/enable the popup blocker on a per-site basis.
Alternatively, consider using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari as your web browser of choice with GMS.

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