My machine running GMS has crashed; what can I do?

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If the fault is terminal and you are forced into requiring new hardware to run GMS, assuming you have an up-to-date copy of your recovery file (setup.txt) you will be able to restore your existing configuration on to a new server.


Gordano prides itself on the simplicity behind its system recovery procedure. Please see KB article 102 for a detailed run through of how to achieve moving GMS from one machine to another.

Before you can undertake moving machines, you will need to first ensure that you have the same verison of GMS running on both servers. Past versions of GMS can be found at the FTP site –

Please note: Whilst the setup.txt file is able to store your GMS server side configuration which is effectively a dump from the Registry and is able to
encode binary data such as the GMS backend database, it will not store the mailboxes of your users. It is therefore advisable that you either run third party backup software or periodically copy user mailboxes on to the network.

See also: GMS Administrators Guide, Section 30 – Disaster Recovery

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