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Is the remote mail server running?


How can I make sure that the mail server is running correctly?


Once a list of reachable host addresses has been obtained using the MAIL -m command, it is possible to verify that the SMTP server on each of the hosts is up and running. This is achieved by using the Telnet utility to log onto the remote server. By using a specific port ID (in the case of SMTP – port 25) it is possible to examine the state of the mail server. Using an NT Command Prompt enter the command:


Alternatively, from Program Manager or the Start button select Run and enter Telnet at the prompt. Once the Telnet window is displayed, select Connect and then Remote System. In the connect dialogue type the name of the host to be checked (i.e. any of the host names returned by MAIL -m). In the Port field, enter the value 25. Finally select the Connect button. If the mail server is up and running a welcome message starting with the string “220” will be displayed. Otherwise a message will be displayed stating the host has not been reached successfully.

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