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Is my data secure when synchronizing with WorkgroupShare?


WorkgroupShare incorporates many features to ensure that your data is kept secure. One of these is the ability to synchronize data with Outlook clients using SSL. This encrypts the data while it is being transferred between the server and the client, protecting against unauthorized access. This is especially important while synchronizing across the internet. When used in non SSL mode data is synchronized in plain text.

To synchronize using SSL, first select this option in the Administrator. Double click Settings and select the Server tab. Select one of the listening options that uses the secure port. Select a port number to use; by default this is port 8101. Then on each Outlook client click Tools, Share, Settings, Connection and choose to use SSL, setting the port number to match the server. The server can enforce communication with SSL by selecting the option ‘Listen on secure port only’. Or, SSL can be used on certain clients only by selecting the server option ‘Listen on both secure and non secure ports’.

Note, WorkgroupShare v1 does not have the ability to synchronize using SSL and so data is always transmitted in plain text.

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