Is it possible to run only GMS Instant Messenger?

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GMS Instant Messenger can be used on its own without other GMS software. However you will need to input a key for GMS Mail in order to be able to configure users.

If you are using GMS Instant Messenger in conjuncion with another messaging system please pay particular attention to the notes below.


During Installation
During the installation process you will be required to enter a Domain Name. If multiple domains are present on the primary server only one domain is required at this stage. The domain should already exist on your server, if so it will be automatically detected by GMS providing it is fully set up under TCP/IP. This may be a sub-domain of your main Internet domain name.

Configuring GMS Instant Messenger
Each user you wish to use IM must have a username and password on the GMS Instant Messenger server. To configure this log into the administration interface, go to Administration > Mail > Users > Add User and create the required users. Choose the access method you wish to give your users, either the Java based or Windows based IM clients. If using the Java based client simply give your users the URL of the server to log on to. If using the Windows based client supply them with an installation along with set up instructions. (Installs may be pushed out to users using the MS Installer, see documentation for further details).

If users wish to receive email transcripts of IM sessions you will need to configure a rule within GMS to forward all mail to your main mail server. To do this log into the administration interface and go to Administration > Mail > Outgoing > Rules and add in a new rule as follows
Target Address: localhost
Post Server: the IP address of your primary mail server
Leave all of the other settings at their default values and click on Add.

GMS Anti-Spam
Under Administration>GMS Anti-Spam you can select the options you wish to protect the server from. There are no specific configuration options required to activate this product but many different checks that can be set up to protect users from unsolicited email.

GMS Anti-Spam Update Service
This is set up under Administration > GMS Anti-Spam > Content > Dynamic Words where each of the options are enabled. Note that you will not be able to setup/enable the Bayesian filter until such time as you have installed the required files in the gordanobin directory and primed the filter with a selection of good mail (the Bayesian filter is a separate download).

Once set up and running you should then proceed to set up the automatic updates. To do this go to Automatic Updates > General and enter the passphrase you have been provided with and click Update, then move to Automatic Updates > GMS Anti-Spam, enable the updates, set a frequency and click on Update.

Improving Performance
If large numbers of email messages are to be processed it may be advisable to configure a maximum number of messages per mail queue setting. This allows several mail queues to the primary server to be created, rather than one large queue. This will allow the GMS server to open multiple connections and reduce the latency of message delivery. To configure this option, under Administration > Mail > Outgoing > Miscellaneous, configure the maximum value required eg. 50.

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