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Is it possible to obtain pre release trials of Gordano Software?


Yes. From time to time Gordano will make release candidates for the next official release of their software publicly available so that both new and existing customers are able to trial these new features prior to their official release.

The next official release of GMS is due in the first week of November 2004 and this release candidate (Build 3270) is available for download from Gordano’s public ftp site

Discussion of release candidates of Gordano’s software should be limited the list specifically set up for this purpose beta@gordano.com. Once these releases become publicly available discussions should be moved to the general discuss@gordano.com list. A form is available to allow you to join all of Gordano’s lists here.

New features available in this release include, but are not limited to:

Scoring of restricted words
System Level Bayesian Filter
Spam Reporting Account
Automated training of System Bayesian Filter
Dynamic Update Service to include Bayesian and scored words filters
User level spam filters for all users
Tagging of spam to allow filters to pass management to users
Stealth mode spam rejection
System and Domain quarantines available to users
Additional message quality checks
Message quality checks per domain
W3C logging format for HTTP style logs
Mobile Gateway now included with both GMS Mail and GMS Webmail
Support for yEnc encoding
Various traps fixed
Various other enhancements and fixes

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