Is it possible to grant multiple access to a mailbox in GMS?

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Historically speaking, to grant multiple access to an individual mailbox, each grantee would need the username and password of the account to login at separate intervals. IMAP Access Control Lists (ACLs) allow for a much neater, more simplified method of achieving this.

ACLs are an extension of IMAP covered in RFC2086.


Firstly ensure that ACL’s are turned on in GMS. Navigate to Mail > Incoming > Access Control in the Administration interface.

For more information use the context sensitive help available by clicking the life belt icon offered in the administrative interface.

Using a mail client that supports ACLs, such as Outlook or Outlook Express, query all folders on the IMAP server
and you should see a hierarchy of folders that you will need to either make visible or subscribe to. The "shared" folder should now be visible in your mail client.

GMS Collaboration extends this sharing capability by including "Contacts", "Calendars", "Notes" and "Tasks" to the list of shared features available to Outlook.

An identical view of each of these items is also available in GMS Webmail along with GMS Web Organizer. Access to an account can be via either or both of these clients.

For example, you may prefer to use Outlook in the office and GMS Webmail from home or while travelling.

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