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Is GMS Instant Messenger High Performance?



GMS Instant Messenger is tightly integrated into GMS making it high speed, highly portable and high performance. Using Gordano’s extensive experience in the messaging arena, they have brought to market a powerful instant messaging system that combines usability with platform independence.

Corporate users will now be able to send instant messages to co-workers from their address books, maintain contact lists, hold multiple conversations, view if their contacts are available for an IM session, and block users from whom they don’t want to receive instant messages. By using a standard web browser, GMS Instant Messenger is device agnostic. What’s more, employees (and administrators) can be anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection to access their email and IM?they don’t have to be in the office.

Integration, portability, high speed, platform independence and the expertise and experience behind this product make it one of the highest performance instant messaging systems available on the market today.

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