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Yes, GMS is fully supported by a highly skilled and professional team of support engineers. Each member of the support team goes through a rigourous training regime prior to being allowed to provide direct support to customers.

Between them the members of the support team have many years of experience of supporting Internet messaging servers. They also have considerable experience of Operating Systems, DNS, Routing, etc. which enables them to provide a first class service.

As well as providing direct support to customers the support team is also responsible for maintaining he Knowledge Base articles on our web site which is available to all customers at no charge.

They provide 8×5, 13×5 and 24×7 telephone support to our customers, including calling back customers to ensure that the solutions provided have resulted in the customers issues being resolved.

A comprehensive training program is available to all customers at a reasonable cost. Training programmes can be individually tailored for each customer.

Please visit the Support and Training sections of our web site for further information.

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