Is GMS Flexible?


GMS provides great flexibility both for the administrator and the end user.

For the administrator there are many tools available to them to alter and extend the facilities provided by the product. These include Mail Meta Language (MML) our own proprietary scripting language specifically designed for manipulation of email messages. MML is so flexible it was used to produce the administration interface as well.

You can also manage the system using Allaire’s Cold Fusion Tags, Microsoft’s COM (and ASP), LDAP connectors, ODBC connectors, Command Line Tools, etc. This makes integration of our products into your systems a breeze.

Flexibility is important to administrators as they often have a requirement to integrate with other systems that are already in place.

Users have the flexibility of using any mail client they wish knowing that GMS is completely standards compliant. The also have the flexibility of switching between clients, say IMAP and webmail, and seeing exactly the same information in both clients.

Flexibility is important to users as the server needs to be able to fit with the users pattern of work, it also allows the user to choose whichever client they are most comfortable working with.

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