I have a single mailbox account at my ISP but want my users to be able to send and receive internet mail as well as internal mail

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If you have a single mailbox account at your ISP then all mail coming into your organisation must be addressed to, for example, your_company@ISP_name.com. In addition to this, however, the name header field could specify an individual in your organisation, allowing the message to be routed by WorkgroupMail to that person.

For example, an e-mail to “Joe Bloggs” <your_company@ISP_name.com> could be routed differently to an e-mail addressed to “Joe Soap” <your_company@ISP_name.com>.

When creating an address book entry for someone in your mail client software you usually enter a name and e-mail address and this accounts for the two header fields shown above. WorkgroupMail can be configured to deliver the messages according to the name field. To do this you would need to create a rule in Content Filtering for each user, as follows:-

Joe Bloggs’ rule
Check all messages. If message sent to *joe bloggs* and message sent to *your_company@ISP_name.com* redirect message to joe@domain.com

(The domain.com refers to an internal only domain that must be configured in WorkgroupMail. None of the users need to be aware of it. It is required for Workgroupmail to have a unique address to forward the message to. Each user will have one e-mail address linked to this internal only domain. You should also configure one user to receive mail that does not have a name field and which cannot be routed to any particular user. This will be the only user with two addresses; name@domain.com and your_company@ISP_name.com.)

Now, any message received for “Joe Bloggs” <your_company@ISP_name.com> will be delivered to the mailbox of user Joe Bloggs.

Ensure that each mail client account is configured with the e-mail address your_company@ISP_name.com and the users’ name (eg. Joe Bloggs). Then, replies to messages sent out will always be routed back to the sender.

NB. For WorkgroupMail v7, this solution requires that you are licenced to use the Content Filtering plug-in. This is licenced as standard in WorkgroupMail v8.

NB. The internal only domain must be created before adding any users so that each user can have a unique mailbox at that domain.

NB. Your ISP POP3 account details must be entered into the WorkgroupMail ISP properties as a Multiple User account. This allows the incoming mail to be sorted.

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