I cannot send mail from the Netscape Mail client

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Messages do not get sent when using the Netscape Mail client. Netscape asks for a password when sending a message and it will not accept any password that is entered.


For versions of WorkgroupMail earlier than v7.0.3, Netscape is not compatible with WorkgroupMail’s client side SMTP authentication.


To work around this problem, disable client side SMTP authentication in Netscape Mail and ensure that the IP address of the computer running Netscape Mail is included as a trusted host in WorkgroupMail.


To disable SMTP authentication in Netscape Mail v7, click Edit | Mail and newsgroups Account Settings. In the Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings property sheet, select the Outgoing Server (SMTP) entry in the left-hand pane. In the right hand pane, untick the User name and password tick box. Press OK to save your changes.

Upgrade to WorkgroupMail v7.0.4 or later and uncheck ‘Allow SMTP client authentication’ in the Advanced Settings properties.

The Netscape Mail client will now be able to send and relay messages.

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