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I cannot see the Shared data in Outlook.


The WorkgroupShare client has been installed and Synchronization has completed successfully but the Shared data is not visible in Outlook.

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This information applies to Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.


Please ensure that Outlook 2003/2007 is in the Folder List view. Click Go, Folder List or click the yellow folder icon in the bottom left of the Outlook Window. This should now reveal a folder called Shared Information, under which the shared folders can be found.

Also, note that the Shared Information folder will only be displayed if the client has been granted access to a shared folder other than its own. Check this in the WorkgroupShare Administrator.

Finally, if the Shared Information folder cannot be seen in the Folder List view, and permissions are correctly set, check to see if the Shared Information folder has been moved; it sometimes ends up in the Deleted Items folder. If this is the case, un-install the client as described below, delete the Shared Information folder within Deleted Items and then re-install the WorkgroupShare client.

How can I completely re-install my WorkgroupShare client?

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