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I cannot access the web-based configuration


I cannot access the web-based configuration


This could be caused by a number of different things:

  1. Do you have any port conflicts? By default the web configuration will use port 8000. So if you have anything else on this port, you will not be able to configure Gordano products without changing one of the products. Gordano product’s port can be changed by using Admin utility in the GordanoBin directory.
  2. Make sure the WWW service is indeed running. Go to the GordanoBin directory with a command prompt and type “mail ?start”. If you get an error message saying “Could not find WWW.exe” type “www ?i”. Then type “mail ?start” again.
  3. Make sure Gordano products are installed on the machine.
  4. You must enter the entire URL of http://localhost:8000 in full.

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