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I am using a dialup connection to the Internet and I am having difficulties retrieving and delivering email?


Some customers get all mail for their domain delivered into a single pop account at their ISP. If you are in this situation then you most likely want the mail server to be able to collect all of this mail and deliver it to the relevant local accounts.

If this is the case then you need to be aware that the address given in the To: field of a message does not necessarily match the intended recipient of that message. This is especially the case if a list server has delivered mail, or where the recipient was CC’d or BCC’d on the message.

To resolve this situation, many ISP’s add an extra header to messages in this situation to maintain the SMTP protocol delivery information which is the only exact method of determining the intended recipient. These often appear as headers called "X-Originally-to" or "X-Recipient". If the relevant header is contained in the message this is what you should use in your dialup rules. If you are unsure if the mail contains a relevant header please pass a complete message from the pop account, including all headers, to support@gordano.com and one of our Support engineers will take a look for you.

If the messages do not contain such a header you should take a look at the topmost Received header and see if this contains the address that the message was intended for. If it does use the Received header to deliver the messages.

If none of these headers are available we would suggest contacting your ISP and asking them to add an appropriate header to the email. If they will not you may be stuck with using the To: and CC headers. Please be aware that if this is the case it is essential that you set up a default delivery address that will accept mail in the case where the server is unable to discern the appropriate recipient.

If you are determined to continue using the To: field then please ensure that you do not use a * as the rule in it. If you do any mail that does not contains a non local address in the To field will be posted back out to the Internet. Use a rule of *@yourdomain.com instead. This in conjunction with the default delivery rule should ensure that messages do not go back out to the Internet.

However, we must stress that using the To: field is not a satisfactory method of determining who the message was intended for.

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