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I am currently using NTMail, how does that relate to GMS


NTMail was released in 1994 on the Windows NT platform. Over the years a
large range of additional products were created: NTList, GLCommunicator,
GLWebMail, VPP and so on. NTMail was also updated to work on Linux,
Solaris, AIX, etc. So while the name "NTMail" was satisfactory
for a Windows NT platform mail server, it gives the impression that it is
only available on Windows NT.

With the release of Version 8 Gordano decided to rebrand the products under
the umbrella of GMS. Each of what were previously separate products are
now simply modules of the GMS. The version 8 release also hailed the
expansion of the email server to include all messaging – for example, SMS
and Instant Messaging were added.

To accompany the rebranding this a new web site was designed, a new logo
developed, etc.

Customers using NTMail (or any of the old products) will simply find that
the product names are updated when they upgrade to the latest version. As
usual, this process is seamless and simply involves running the more recent
installation program.

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