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How to make use of the WebMail 'White list' GIZMO


I have configured GMS Anti-Spam to deliver any messages that it categorizes as spam to the end user’s quarantine folder. This gives the user complete control over all incoming messages destined for his/her account. This type of configuration is particularly popular with WebMail and IMAP users as their quarantine folder is easily accessible unlike POP clients that rely on a single mailbox (Inbox) for mail retrieval.

Occasionally a "good" message can end up in a users quarantine folder having been incorrectly classified as spam at the server level.

How can I prevent future messages from this sender ending up in the quarantine folder?


This has been made possible by way of GIZMOS.
A Gizmo is a javascript file containing the code required to create an object. These objects can tightly integrate into the main WebMail interface and through additional API’s, allow for WebMail’s functionality to be hugely extended.
Gizmo examples include: Dictionary lookups, translations and the ability to play video and sound files.

Using Gordano’s "whitelist" Gizmo a user is able to select a message from their quarantine folder and have it moved into their Inbox. Additionally, this Gizmo will also automatically add the sender’s e-mail address into a users address book. If this Gizmo is used in conjunction with WebMail’s similarly named "White list" filter, future message sent by this user will whitelisted and therefore delivered straight to the users Inbox.

To enable the WebMail’s "Whitelist" Gizmo , select "Preferences". A Gizmos node should then appear allowing you to enable "Whitelist". When you next move e-mail folder away from the Inbox, you will see a new "Allow" button appear alongside the other WebMail buttons.

Please note:
In addition to activating the Gizmo, the user will need to physically activate the WebMail filter.
Do this by selecting "Preferences" then "Filters". Find the "White list" filer, activate it and have the filter action set to "Transfer directly to InBox".
Now move this "White list" filter to the top of the list so it can be processed before any other filters you may have in place.

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