How to configure your relay settings in WorkgroupMail v6

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Open the WorkgroupMail Administrator program and click on the Settings icon. Select the Relaying tab and choose one of the following settings.

Allow promiscuous relaying will allow anyone, even external sources, to send messages out from this mail server (CARE – Open Relay)

Allow specific relaying will only allow the specified sources (ie your mail clients) to send mail out

No relaying will prevent all mail from being sent out from this mail server

If you choose ‘Allow Specific Relaying’ then configure the IP Addresses tab with the IP addresses of your internal mail clients. The Sender and Recipients tabs should usually be set to ‘Permit all addresses’.

Alternatively, if using dynamic IP address allocation, you may wish to specify relaying by senders email address only. In this case those allowed should be listed and IP addresses and Recipients should be set to ‘Permit all addresses’.

Configuring ‘Allow specific relaying’ for both IP addresses and Senders e-mail addresses will allow relaying only for those mail clients that meet both criteria. This can be used as a means of restricting certain individuals within an organisation.

If you receive mail from an ISP, you can completely restrict the Workgroupmail SMTP service to your local network and so prevent access from the internet. Click on Settings, Interfaces and in the SMTP server box select your computers’ network card in place of ‘All Interfaces’. If you do not have any remote users wishing to collect their POP3 mail via the internet then do the same for the POP3 server box.

NB The delivery of internal mail is not affected by relay settings

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