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How to apply keys to GMS.

Please make a note of the version you are running first.


If you add a module to your GMS installation or renew your upgrade licence you will need to enter a key into the Admin interface.

To enter a key, please use your WWW browser and log into the GMS configuration interface using an account with administrator privileges (e.g. Postmaster).

    Version 12 or earlier installations

  • click on the “+” next to “Administration” in the menu tree on the left of the screen
  • click on “Key” in the extended menu
  • enter key

    Version 14 or later installations

  • Click on “Licensing” in the menu tree on the left of the screen
  • In the dialog that is then displayed on the right of the screen you will see two entry boxes. The first is called “Customer Reference”. You should enter the MachineNo listed adjacent to your key(s) below. The second entry box is called “Upgrade key”. Enter the first of the keys. Once you have entered these values, press “Upgrade” and (if you did not make a mistake) the new key specification will be displayed.
  • Do this for each key provided to you
  • You will then need to reboot the system in order for the new key(s) to take effect.

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